• Opening hours during the vacations

  • „Summer teaches us to appreciate the beauty of the moment and forget the worries of everyday life”

    Dear children, teenagers, and parents

    Our start into the summer at Kinderarztpraxis Kilchberg is just like the weather: It tends to be capricious. The demand for pediatric care remains high, due to many newly arriving families as well as families whose pediatrician is no longer practicing. There is also an elevated need for advice following increased numbers of cases of scabies in daycare facilities and whooping cough in schools.

    We continuously try our best to meet the many requests and have optimized and extended our consultation hours. Nevertheless, we sometimes reach our limits and have taken measures in response: Our phone hours have been tightened, and we will need to defer the registration for some new families until late summer or autumn. If you cannot reach us on the phone, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email with your request.

    We are very grateful for your patience when making appointments. Our online scheduling tool is very popular and helps us greatly in reducing our administrative overhead.

    Families without a pediatrician who are facing urgent, unpostponable medical concerns are kindly requested to contact us again in any case. We will then try to find a solution together.

    We wish you a great and relaxing summer vacation!

    Dr. med. Martin Rössler & Dr. med. Meryem Hosse
    Specialists for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, FMH

  • Automatic transcription through speech recognition

    Our practice participates in a pilot project operated by Intonate GmbH which enables automatic discussion transcripts of consultations. This frees up time on our side to focus better on our patients. In this first phase, we can test and help to shape the new system. This is why it is possible that we ask you whether you allow us to run this system in the background while we conduct our consultation. We would appreciate your consent very much, and can reassure you that the confidentiality of the collected data will be granted at all times.


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